Is good for Amazon FBA business Analysis?

Zonbase is a platform that allows you to manage your marketing campaigns. Artificial intelligence and analytics will assist you in launching campaigns and optimizing them on autopilot with the help of the tool. Many options are available on to make your product research tasks more convenient.

Features Of
Research by Zon Research

Search for products using a product name, a keyword, or pin products and starting with one or even more categories as well as the Amazon marketplace, use filters such as earnings, sales, customer reviews, and the rating of those reviews to refine your results. You have the option of saving your filters for later use.

Products that are in demand

Might you not have the time and resources to search for things yourself? Contact us. Zonbase has all of your needs covered. Amazon’s Hot Products is an hourly-updated list of the most popular products.

Add-on for Google Chrome

You can get information about the product on Amazon in a matter of seconds by just exploring the site. Discover the sales data for the previous 12 months and the top keywords that each product is rating for.

Validator for products

Determine whether the product you discovered is willing to sell on Amazon by looking at factors such as competition, market share, demand, and other relevant data.

Keywords research tool

A keyword research tool that helps you uncover new keywords for your Search engine marketing and PPC strategies. Find out how much volume is available on the market and how much competition there is for each keyword.

The estimator of future sales

You may calculate the estimated product sales each month, starting with an ASIN number.

ASIN Reverser

Starting with a competitive retailer’s ASIN, identify the keywords they are ranking for in organic search results and those they have used in PPC ads.

Product Launched Zon services.

A step-by-step guide to assist you in launching a product:

  • Optimizer for listing optimization
  • As from the tool, you can create your PPC campaigns.
  • Choose the most appropriate keywords.
  • You should plan Product offerings.
  • Manager of pay-per-click campaigns
Product Listify

An easy method for optimizing your listing based on specific keywords is as follows:

  • Product Title
  • Features Points in Bullets
  • Product Description
  • Keywords for search / Backend keywords
Photo enhancing software

Photo Enhancer is a software program that allows you to enhance the appearance of photographs. A unique service that will enable you to alter and optimize your product listing photographs. The following are included in the service:

  • Colors can be changed to accommodate product variances.
  • Photos have been updated with lifestyle images.
  • Trimming the background
  • There is no requirement for professional photographs
  • .A Critical Examination of Existing Photographs

It has several advantages, like autopilot, a good product verification team, a photo enhancer, and a profitable niche market in seconds. Zonbase also has a free 7-day trial. It also features a sales estimating calculator, which is a fantastic tool for determining the sales volume of any ASIN. Free Amazon Training is made simple using ZonBase’s keyword research tool.

The only disadvantage that we can notice and what people are saying is that there are only two pricing options. Many people believe that it would be better if there were more payment alternatives and costs available. Another major drawback: it only works in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.