Why Your Home Needs the Phyn Smart Water Assistant – Features and Uses

Water is one of the major utilities in a home. It is utilized in a lot of important tasks throughout the day. Cooking, cleaning and watering plants are only a few essential tasks that require you to have an ample water supply in your home at all times. With such extensive use of water, it is important for your home’s plumbing system to be running is the safest, most efficient manner. There should be nothing keeping you from having complete access to water since this can seriously disrupt your life.

As important as it is, the water system in your home can sometimes have problems. For example, water damage is one of the most common disasters which could damage your home’s foundation, while simultaneously ruining the look of your home.

To avoid any long-term damages, it is important to have a way to keep track of your water usage and monitor your plumbing system at all times. Just like the best smart thermostat can keep your home warm and cozy during the harshest winter, the Phyn Smart Water Assistant can help give you a more reliable water supply.

Leak Alerts

Water leaks are a common issue in many homes. Damaged plumbing in any part of your home can result in problems such as visible lines in the walls, peeling paint, swelling of wooden floors and furniture, etc. This is enough to not only ruin your home’s aesthetic, but also decrease its overall value due to foundational damages.

While water leaks may not be as common, it can be important to prevent them from spreading too much in your home. The damages caused by leaks can be very costly and a hassle to deal with, and having a system that notifies you immediately when a minor leak is detected can help to protect your valuables from harm.

The Phyn Smart Water Assistant is installed below your sink, but it can detect many hidden flaws within your plumbing system which may become a problem in the future. Combined with its compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this can be a huge help around the home.

Easy Installation

An issue a lot of people may not want to deal with when buying new gadgets is the installation process. It can often be a hassle, since some extensive systems may take up to several hours of professional installation. Not only does this require you to have strangers in your home, it can also be an extra expenditure that you want to avoid. Fortunately, with the Phyn Smart Water Assistant, this can be avoided.

The gadget itself is installed in a discreet way. It is not easily visible, but is just as powerful in its discreet location. With easy access to the power outlet, it is also fairly easy to install, considering its contribution to your home. The Phyn Smart Water Assistant is a long-term investment. Once installed, you can use the Phyn app to track water use and leak alerts across 6 different properties using just one account.

Save Water

For homeowners looking to create an eco-friendly home, gadgets that save water are always a good find. Like other smart gadgets, you can use the Phyn Smart Water Assistant to track your water usage and save accordingly. This can help you plan your water usage and save even more. As time goes by, this assistant can even learn the water used in your home through each individual fixture.

Creating an eco-friendly home is now easier than ever. In order to fully utilize smart technology, try to focus on gadgets that will help cut down your use of resources such as water. This makes your home better for the environment, while simultaneously keeping your belongings safe from potential disasters.


A gadget meant to detect the changes in water pressure has to be accurate above anything else. Without precision, there’s no point in getting an entire system dedicated to protecting your home against water damage.

Fortunately, this gadget has that feature. Phyn can understand your home’s plumbing system as soon as it is installed. Once connected, it begins to learn to identify each unique fixture by sound, so it can differentiate between water usages for different tasks. Once it has the hang of things, the gadget is ready to notify you at any sign of leakage, and it can even connect you quickly to a plumber.

Freezing pipes are a huge concern during winter. Phyn’s pressure-sensing feature can detect ice crystals forming in pipes before they can freeze and burst, which can save you from a huge expense at a particularly inconvenient time. Taking action against potential damages can become much easier when this gadget is installed in your home.

Concluding Thoughts

Water leak detection is an important part of keeping your home safe and functioning properly. If you don’t take precautions against this potential disaster, it may lead to damages which not only would cause a lot of inconveniences, but may cost you a hefty sum of money to fix. Water leaks are very common, considering how your plumbing system is spread out all over your home. Even the parts of your home which are inaccessible to you may be vulnerable to water leaks.

Fortunately, having a gadget which will keep track of any water-related issues in your home will create a safer, better functioning living space for your maximum convenience.