Tax-Free Shopping

In Western Europe at doors of many shops is feasible to see a badge “tax-free for vacationers”. It suggests that having actually done shopping in such a shop, you can basically conserve cash. The system of “tax-free buying” (TFS) is based upon that in the European Union exist established regulation: if you frequently live outside of the European Union, leaving EU, you can entirely receive back the sum of the tax obligation on added price (VAT), which you have actually paid at getting of the goods.

The treatment of VAT reimbursement is extremely straightforward. At getting of the products in TFS shops the unique check has to be given to you, at separation from the nation the stamp of personalizeds home has to be put on it, and then you can receive cash by this check.

To use TFS system is essential to understand some details.

The requirements at fulfillment of acquisition.

At acquisition in store of TFS system ask the vendor to fill out the unique check – Free of tax Purchasing Cheque. Look very carefully after, that the vendor has actually entered your surname, name and address proper in the check, as it remains in your passport. You can, naturally, to load it in by yourself. In the check likewise have to be jotted down: the sum of acquisition, the amount of the paid barrel as well as the sum of reimbursement (that is barrel minus the compensation), which you ought to receive at departure from EU. It is essential to understand that the barrel and the compensation in the various EU countries are various. In the entire the amount of refund vary from 10 % up to 19 % from the price of acquisition.

You ought to know that in a number of EU nations to receive the exactly on barrel refund is necessary to buy the products for the particular amount in TFS store. The various stores also have uniqueness: in some shops is required to do looking for the certain sum in all divisions, in others – only in one division (as an example, video recorder and also video tapes, yet not a video and costume). Remember it, as well as that often sellers like to not exposure to tax-free system, also if their shops are included in it. In this case you instead of the tax-free check can be used the added discount rate about for the same amount. Agree, all coincides for you, isn?t it?

Formalities at flow of custom-mades house.

At separation you ought to reveal to the personalized police officer tax-free check, passport as well as products. In some EU countries is required to offer the commodity check as well. If you go through the numerous EU countries you must reveal tax-free checks and obtained goods, to obtain a customized home stamp for the succeeding barrel refund, in the last country on your means.

In some countries, for example, in Holland and Sweden, works one more limiting rule: the stamp of customs residence ought to be inscribed on not behind 30 days from the date of acquisition. In Germany and Sweden the stamp is placed only in case when the items were not used – it needs to be secured. All these rules are necessary to understand ahead of time.

The procedure of refund.

When the custom home stamp is on your tax-free checks, you are guided to the special barrel refund office at the International Flight terminal. In some countries these workplaces are put behind the passport control boundary, as a result cash can be received currently handing down embarkation. As well as in those nations, where VAT refund workplace lies in a rout, you can stay without money, if you bear in mind regarding them when you checked in already? you are not permitted to return back to a concourse. As a result you had much better to discover barrel refund workplace location ahead of time.

But there is no problem, if you had no time at all to obtain your cash at the airport terminal. You can make it in any type of other VAT reimbursement workplace – their network covers whole world.

Whether is feasible to obtain the VAT reimbursement without tax-free check?

It is possible, however under one problem – if you are going to return to the country, where have actually got the goods. So, in Holland you can get the VAT refund, having made purchase in any kind of store also if it is not consisted of in TFS system. You acquire the products, then take them out of EU and also imprint a customs residence stamp on the typical product check. Procedure and also restrictions are the same: show the check, key as well as items, the stamp of customizeds house ought to be placed on the check not behind 1 month after acquisition of the goods. Then, when in whenever you once more pertain to Holland (or in other EU country), you or your close confidant goes in store, where the products were purchased, as well as obtain there all amount of the barrel without a deduction of the compensation. Contrast: by special tax-free check at separation from Holland you receive 10 % from price of the goods, as well as in shop – 17 %. The treatment is known sufficient and spread. The skilled individuals advice: purchasing the goods, you had much better to agree with the manager of store ahead of time upon the later chance to obtain the VAT reimbursement in such a method. After that definitely everything will certainly be in order.